Giant Phurba Ritual Dagger

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This item has been retired by the manufacturer.

The Phurba is a three sided Tibetan ritual dagger or stake. The sections and the triple blade represent the three spirit worlds, while the dagger as a whole symbolizes the “worlds axis” bringing the worlds together. In rituals it symbolizes the slaying or destruction of a foe or obstructions. The lower part of the blade is said to represent “Method” while the handle “Wisdom”. The Phurba is patterned after an ancient Vedic tool – a stake used to tether sacrificial animals. It is also regarded as a powerful weapon which subdues evil spirits and negative energies.

Our amazing replica Giant Phurba Ritual Dagger is entirely hand made in solid steel with an antique finish. Exquisitely hand carved with beautiful images found on an original. Includes decorative stand.

Small Tibetan Phurba Dagger also available.

Made by the master artisans at Windlass Steelcrafts.