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Kitchen Knives

Kitchen knives Includes common every day food prep cutting tools like bread knives, carving knives, bird knives, fishing knives, chef knives, cleavers, paring knives and steak knives. This really includes any hand implement used in preparing and especially eating food. A person who makes or sells cutlery is called a cutler, which is exactly why we chose Atlanta Cutlery to be our name back in 1971. We not only carry unique, exotic cutting tools from around the world, but everyday knives used to simply prepare and eat food. 

Kitchen knives are more usually known as cutlery, silverware or flatware, where cutlery usually means knives and related cutting instruments. The major items we feature are the knife, fork and spoon. Sometimes we are able to find a tool that actually contains all three utensils in one compact and easy to use package like our picnic set, watermelon knife or Ka-bar hobo. It was not uncommon for the military to issue their own version making eating in the field a much easier chore for soldiers.

Kitchen knives come in all sizes and materials. Although for health reasons and food prep there are specific choices which are better than others. A high grade, surgical stainless steel is a great choice for any need and gaining in popularity are ceramic knives, which don’t pick up any bacteria, are sharp for years and never rust. Of course they are very brittle and can break with intense pressure or dropping onto a hard surface.

Handle material can be equally important and a plastic, stainless steel or rubber grip are found on most. Exotic kitchen knives can use different handle materials to bring a unique and artful touch to the kitchen. Just be sure no matter how to wash them that you dry them fairly quick, no matter the type of steel if water sits on your blade it will have adverse affects over time.

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Folding Fruit Knife with Fork

Cut your melons and other picnic fruits with tasteful elegance. This slick stainless steel folding knife has a 3-7/8" blade perfectly suited for fruits that are cantaloupe and honeydew sized or smaller, and a convenient fork that folds out of the opposite end.

Douk Douk Steel Handled Folder

This easy-to-sharpen, high carbon steel blade is hardened to a Rockwell of 50-53 and is known for its modified scimitar profile. One piece of Ferro blackened steel is rolled over at the spine, creating a thin handle that easily slides into a pocket. The blade is etched with an image of the Douk Douk and scroll-work.


Rapala Ceramic Utility Knife

This Rapala utility knife has a ceramic blade that's finer and harder than steel!

Bushmaster Bushcraft Ulu Knife

This rugged Bushcraft Ulu from Bushmaster can handle cutting up a rack of ribs or wild game, making it a great addition to both kitchen and campsite. The hardwood handle scales are comfortably curved to fit the hand and secured to the full profile tang, 1095 high carbon steel blade with brass pins.

Mini Ulu

A handy modern take on the famous Alaskan Ulu knife, this 4-3/4" long knife is small enough for trail carry and can be used to cut your camp food.

Hibben Legacy Ulu Knife

This Hibben Legacy Ulu Knife has a sharp, wide blade, allowing cutting tasks both at home or on the hunt. Includes black leather sheath.

Serrated Fruit Knife with Belt Sheath

Got a fruit with a tough hide? No problem! Here's a folding fruit knife with a serrated blade to help you get to the juicy inside in a hurry (not good for coconuts - you need a chainsaw for those). This fruit knife is the perfect companion in the kitchen or on your next picnic. All stainless steel construction; the serrated blade and plain blade are each 3-3/4" long. Includes a handy nylon belt sheath with Velcro closure.

Kitchen Classics Paring Knife

This Cold Steel Kitchen Paring Knife comes with a razor sharp edge that lasts and lasts. The handle is designed to ensure a strong, secure and comfortable grip. It features a stiff Zy-Ex core on the inside for durability, with a softer, food-safe Kray-Ex exterior for the kind of non-slip grip that must be felt to be appreciated!


Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Hibben Legacy Ulu Knife

What a beautiful and perfect knife!!! I can’t truly explain how satisfied I am, fits perfect in hand and has a perfectly balanced. Always highly satisfying that everything I’ve bought from ACC is a great purchase and that it exceeds my expectation!!!
Reviewed by: Joshua, July 30, 2021

Review of: Hibben Legacy Ulu Knife

Nice knife. very sharp and sturdy. No complaints.
Reviewed by: David, June 27, 2021

Review of: Hibben Legacy Ulu Knife

a very well made blade that fits in your hand like it was made for it. As other reviews state the blade is sharp to use and is extremely well made,but alas to really experience the beauty of this weapon buy two then practice the slicing moves that seem to just flow with your movements. A great purchase!
Reviewed by: Daniel, March 14, 2020

Review of: Hibben Legacy Ulu Knife

I'm very happy with this knife, it's well made and  very sharp, blade comes to two sharp points. The handle is very ergonomic and fits well in the hand and the finger hole is perfectly placed. Over all extremely Pleased, one of the best purchases I've made.
Reviewed by: Phillip, October 24, 2018

Review of: Slitzer Germany Kitchen Knife Set

I bought two sets of knives,my wife's birthday,and a daughter's birthday...I love the quality and sharpness of the blade!
Reviewed by: Michael, June 02, 2017