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M-1905 Springfield Bayonet


The M-1905 Bayonet is the core of many bayonet collections. Replicated using an original for authenticity and employing the same materials, this is a collector grade reproduction. Includes early spec scabbard of wood covered in canvas with metal throat and standard canvas Krag-style hanger.
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The M-1905 Bayonet was adopted by the US military as a knife bayonet for the Model 1903 Rifle after it was determined necessary for the “modern” trench warfare of the early 1900s. Once the bayonet was officially adopted, production began at both the Springfield Armory and the Rock Island Arsenal (RIA). The Rock Island Arsenal produced just under 1/2 million total bayonets and this low run means originals are scarce today.

This is a replica of an original issue 1906, the first year of production for RIA. The early bayonets had bright blades and blued hilts and were marked on the ricasso “RIA 1906”, faithfully shown on this replica. The M-1905 Bayonet is the core of many bayonet collections and are highly sought after, but they are extremely scarce today. Replicated using an original for authenticity and employing the same materials, this is a collector-grade reproduction. Made by Windlass Steelcrafts and comes factory sharp. Can be personalized with 3 initials.

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  • Overall: 21"
  • Blade: 16-1/4"


Write a Review
Write a Review
M-1905 Bayonet
Great reproduction, however it does not fit the 1903 Springfield rifle it was designed for.

When I called customer service a very lovely you lady told me that the bayonet is fine, the rifle is the proplem. She told me that " 1903 is different" so it fits some but not others.

Nothing of course  could be further fro the truth. Every part of my rifle ( made is 1916) is interchangable with every other 1903 ever made.

Any suggestions ?
- James, May 20, 2021 | Verified Purchase
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Very Accurate 1905 Springfield Bayonet
This bayonet was a very exacting replica that came with the scabbard and ready to fix right out of the box. It compares extremely well to my authentic bayonet and appears as my original probably did fresh off the assembly line. I would highly recommend this bayonet to any collector interested in displaying an accurate piece of WWI equipment.
- Milford, June 13, 2020
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M-1905 Bayonet
Great Collection Piece - As Stated - Great Display
- John, August 12, 2019 | Verified Purchase
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M-1905 Springfield Bayonet
Before this item shipped I asked them to check the fit before they shipped it to me, I had the same issue with fit that I had with my long M1 bayonet. When I brought this to their attention they wanted me to pay to ship it back to them for filing., So much for satisfaction guaranteed.
- Robert, January 12, 2019 | Verified Purchase
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Good bayonet
Nice reproduction. Bayonet fits in the scabbard with little rattle unlike the M1 I purchased. I would like it better if it had an edge on the blade. It would also be nice to have the option of a dark blade for the WWI period.
- Mark, October 04, 2018 | Verified Purchase
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Good craftsmanship, however the socket for the muzzle to fit through was a little small. I'm sure with a little filing it will fit just fine.
Originals would, much of the time needed to be fit to an individual rifle.
Much better quality than other's I've had, would deffentaly recommend to anyone looking for a high quality reproduction.
- Greg, July 13, 2016 | Verified Purchase
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I ordered one of these  M-1905 Springfield bayonets for my Springfield 1903.  The “ring” was too small to fit on the muzzle and the locking slot, where the catch is was too small to fit the front barrel guard bayonet lug.  It wouldn’t fit my Smith Corona 1903-A3 either.  
After talking to a service representative I wasn’t confident that they understood what the problem was and decided against sending it back, to maybe receive another one with the same issues.   I just ordered another one.  
Well, that second one has the same issues.  I enlarged the ring with a round file, and got a replacement (NOS) 1903 front barrel band to modify to make the bayonet fit, which it now does.    For the A-3 I will be replacing the original front barrel band with a modified (NOS) 1903 barrel band and I’m sure I can make it work like on the 1903.  
“Replicates expertly” and “collector grade reproduction”  I would expect to fit.   On a display, from ten feet away you can’t tell the difference unless you actually try to put it on the rifle.  Otherwise they are very nice, I just wasn’t expecting to have to put work into them.
I also ordered a M-1917 for another rifle, which fit perfectly.  

- Luis, March 06, 2015
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Frank -  We sell hundreds of these yearly and have not had problems.  It appears you have received a defective bayonet.  Please contact customer service at 800-883-0300 so they can issue a pick up slip.
- Atlanta Cutlery Team, December 05, 2012
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This bayonet does not even fit on the weapon it was intended for. Useless & a waste of hard earned dollars.
- Frank, December 04, 2012
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A Very Accurately Made Bayonet Which Is Hard To Tell From The Originals. Fits My '03 Springfield Excellent.
For The Price 'Ya Can't Beat It. :)
R.A.M. In Virginia
- Richard A., March 12, 2012 | Verified Purchase
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