Confused about certification for USMC Sabers?

Corps Systems Command Certification (MarCorSysCom)

Every military branch publishes specs for swords; the Marine Corps is the only one that independently inspects swords and certifies each meets the specifications. You can read more about it in the Marine Corps Technical Manual TM10120-15/.

Summary of Key Points:

  • A vendor submits two sample swords to the Marine Corps Systems Command (MarCorSysCom) for inspection.
  • Once the swords pass inspection, MarCorSysCom issues a certification letter and certification number to the vendor.
  • The vendor must etch the certification number into the spine of the blade, next to the grip.

Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)

DLA Troop Support issues many of the large-scale government contracts for all branches of services. During this process DLA Troop Support self-inspects the items to make sure these items meet the published specs. Purchases through DLA Troop Support for the Marine NCO swords are used at the unit level. The focus is ensuring serviceability to achieve the mission.

For individually purchased retail items, MarCorSysCom adds a level of excellence of quality and appearance to the serviceability requirement.

The DLA has a completely different mission than MarCorSysCom. Neither organization is wrong.

ACC and Bermejo Role

Although ACC continue to supply DLA contracts, the demand of our customer has been for MarCorSysCom certification  which holds a reputation of trust and shows our commitment to quality. After years of careful consideration we choose to offer only Bermejo swords from Spain because they are committed to the same high standards we are, have a long established history of quality and strong relations with the USMC. It''s what you''d expect. Read more about Bermejo and view products.

Beware Replicas

There are many, many knock-offs of the Marine NCO and Marine Officer saber. Such swords fail on all fronts to meeting specifications, whether DLA Troop Support or MarCorSysCom. Be discerning, buy the best.

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