Neck Knives – An Introduction

There are endless types of knives in the market these days to serve seemingly all purposes. A relatively new knife in this burgeoning group is the neck knife. It is a small knife with a blade of three inches or less, which is attached to a cord hung around the neck. This knife can be worn with the blade pointing up or down. (The latter is also called the Mountain Man style.) Owing to their size and where they are worn, neck knives are easy to carry, access, and conceal (under your tie if you are wearing one!). They have many uses. One is, as with most knives, self-defense. Neck knives are also quite popular for outdoor activities as they are handy for scaling fish or skinning small game. Additionally, campers and hikers can use these knives to peel fruits, cut excess rope, or leave messages on wood if they are separated from their party. 

To buy a neck knife, use the same criteria that you would do for any other type of knife. Number one is steel. Don’t be easily convinced by fancy terms such as “surgical steel.” Purchase from well-known manufacturers, who are more likely to offer high-quality steel knives. (Do your research!) Scales are important too. Wood scales are common but require maintenance and can be affected by moisture and temperature. Here, high-performance polymer scales are a good alternative. Finally, the sheath. Ensure that the knife fits snugly in the sheath. It should not bounce around. There should be a fine balance – the knife should not fall off easily and at the same time require minimal effort to take out. 

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