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P-08 Artillery Luger Non-Firing Replica


Full metal non-firing replica based on an original German Luger Pistol. Cocking mechanism and trigger work and magazine ejects. Real wood grips.


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In 1907 the German Artillery requested a sidearm which would give dependable accuracy over a longer range. The result was a Luger with 8” barrel and 8-position rear sight (calibrated to 800 meters). It was a historic milestone in the development of the pistol-carbine. The Imperial Artillery was the first to use the new Luger Pistols, but due to this model’s effectiveness, other types of military units including the famous elite Sturmtruppen also employed it.

Full metal replica based on an original. Real wood grips. Cocking mechanism and trigger work (non-firing) and magazine ejects.

  • Overall: 12-3/4" long, 6" tall
  • Wt:2-1/2 lbs

Cannot be shipped to CT, IL, KS, MD, MN, NJ, NY, PA, RI, WI, Puerto Rico, or Canada. Cannot use Papal as a payment option.

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