Themed Boxes Arrive At Atlanta Cutlery!

Themed Boxes Arrive At Atlanta Cutlery!

29th May 2020

Looking to put together an outfit but don’t know where to start? Tired of having to find period appropriate items one piece at a time? Don’t fret as Atlanta Cutlery’s new themed boxes are here to save the day! Focusing on some of our most popular categories and items we have put together kits that will give you a head start on outfits for Civil War soldiers, pirates and Vikings. Read on to see what’s included inside!


The Union Kit is perfect for those looking to enter the realm of Civil War re-enactment. It starts off simple with a solid copper cup that has “U.S.” engraved upon it, a good prop that works with warm soup or cold beverages. This is followed by the 1860 Light Cavalry Union Saber. Forged of high carbon steel this blade makes a fine decoration with its detailed acid etchings but will also serve on the battlefield. Bringing things together is the Union leather sword belt making it easy to have your sword at the ready at all times.


 The next set, complimentary to the former, is the Confederate Kit. This features similar items to the Union Kit but designated for soldiers of the Confederacy including is a solid copper mug engraved with “C.S.”. Next up is the Confederate Cavalry Officer's Saber. Also hand-forged of 1095 high carbon steel the blade is distinguished by acid etchings reading C.S.A. Bringing everything together is the leather Confederate sword belt with a large CS featured on the belt face.


Perhaps you’re not as interested in history as you are starting your own adventure, that’s where the Swashbuckler Box comes into play. This box will have you ready for a life on the high seas starting with a signature pirate look, the leather eye patch. Instantly go from baby faced rube to hardened sea dog! Given the perils of the profession you wouldn’t be much of a pirate without a proper blade. Take up the Pirate Captain's Hanger and prepare to defend your plunder! Jumping from ship to ship can be a bit of a balancing act, one that will cost you should you drop your precious weapon. To prevent that mishap this kit also comes with an adjustable leather sword frog, great not just for sabers but all kinds of blades!


Looking for cooler climes than a pirate’s life tends to offer? The Viking Explorer kit will point you in the direction of ice flows and frost giants. This collection starts with a leather coin pouch complete with replica Viking coins to help you keep your packs full. Perhaps you could part with some coin to fill the Carved Viking Dragon Drinking Horn that also comes included. This genuine horn has been carved by hand ensuring that you stand out in the Mead Hall. Carry the blessings of Viking culture with you on your journey with the Viking Raven Pewter Pendant. With a symbol of Odin, the raven, at its center followed by Viking runes along the outer ring. This pendant is right at home in the Viking world and will help pull your entire look together. Finally no Viking warrior is getting to Valhalla without having a sword and there’s been no expense spare here. Purchasing the Viking Explorer box will set you up with a fine Ashdown Viking sword made by the master craftsmen at Windlass Steelcrafts. Forged of high carbon steel this blade will earn you accolades from even the Valkyries.


Rounding out this collection of kits is one made for times of peace and celebration and so aptly named the Viking Celebration Kit. Start out with the large genuine horn tankard which will keep your thirst at bay until the dawn! Keep your wits about you during the festivities with a little reminder from the pewter Odin’s raven pendant. Featuring the outline of a raven the inside of this pendant has been filled with knot work. Vikings may have been fearsome, but that doesn’t make them barbarians. Eat like a Jarl with the forged iron feasting utensils. Easy to carry to every gathering thanks to the clever leather carrying pouch also included. Keep the party going using the forged iron bottle opener and you’ll see where the Viking Celebration Kit gets its name!


Atlanta Cutlery brings these kits to you in the hopes that it will save both time and investment when it comes to bringing new outfits or characters to life. Is there an era or culture you think could use the same treatment? Let us know in the comments!