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US WWII M3 Grease Gun Non-Firing Replica


This non firing replica M3 submachine gun has metal construction. It has a simulated mechanism for loading and firing, removable magazine, and retractable stock with double position.


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The M3 Submachine Gun was adopted by the US Army on December 12th, 1942, as a cheaper alternative to the Thompson (the "Tommy Gun"). Designed by General Motors' Inland division to use parts that were mostly stamped instead of milled, production issues and specification changes delayed front-line service until mid-1944. Chambered for the same .45 ACP rounds as the Thompson. Nicknames "Grease Gun" and "Greaser" caught on because it looked so much like the mechanic's tool. Telescoping stock like the original. Removable magazine and some moving parts. Metal construction.

Cannot be shipped to CT, IL, KS, MD, MN, NJ, NY, PA, RI, WI, Puerto Rico, or Canada. Cannot use Paypal as a payment option.

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Attribute nameAttribute value
Weight6 lbs / 15 oz
Overall Length29" overall with stock collapsed


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Write a Review
M-1A-1, with thumb cocking of bolt.
I picked up an very early Type of this weapon from a dead VC.  It had no "charging handle' /cocking lever" to put in the first round from an open bolt.  The dust cover was to be lifted, and your finger slid into an "opening/hole" on the bolt assembly, to draw back the bolt to a locked position.  The Operator would then just squeeze the trigger to fire.   Designed as capable of Full auto, yet able to pop off just a few with practice when desired.   Very rugged and could withstand build up of dirt and fire. Close range effective, not a long range accuracy weapon.   Curious as to how many parts in the mock-up.
- Gary, November 25, 2020
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Impressed with ACC
Great replica of the M3 Grease Gun from Denix.Great service and fast shipping from ACC.Highly recommended!
- Doug, January 12, 2019 | Verified Purchase
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