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Victorian Walking Cane


This beautiful walking cane has a highly detailed, black enameled hardwood shaft which has been accented with a hand-carved bone ring and topped off with actual horn.


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Often mentioned throughout Victorian literature and carried by Dr. Watson in many screen adventures, this sidearm is one of the most beautiful walking canes produced by Windlass Steelcrafts. The highly detailed hardwood shaft has been black enameled and is accented with a hand-carved bone ring and topped off with actual horn. The end has a lion’s head firmly mounted as a cap. Rubber, anti-slip cap is included. Not meant to be used for medical purposes. 

Also available as a sword cane.

  • Overall Length: 37"
  • Shaft Material: Solid Teak Wood


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Write a Review
Critical manufacturing quality control failure
Cane has arrived broken as the result of a manufacturing defect or assembly error in applying to much torque. Proper quality control inspections should have caught this defect and I must believe that this is not a solitary issue but a systemic problem that the manufor assemblers must be aware of. Product was not shipped ontime correct or free of defect. A major disappointment considering the price point and the company's reputation. It would appear that the cane is made to a decorative or prop standard rather then designed to stand up to even modest light use as a walking stick. Please advise how you wish to remedy this HACCP production failure and make me whole...
- Michael, October 04, 2021 | Verified Purchase
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We're sorry to hear this happened! Why haven't we received word from you in customer service? A representative will be reaching out to your email within the next business day to ensure you get a replacement or refund.
- ACC Team

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