What is EDC?

What is EDC?

25th May 2020

Everyday Carry or EDC items can be almost anything.  Lately it seems to be a buzz word in the knife industry to encourage you to buy and carry a knife.  And you might say "Whoa, I'm not going to do that, so I'm not going to EDC."  Well we've got news for you, you already EDC.


Everyday carry refers to simple essentials we normally don't leave the house without.  For example your wallet and keys.  Yes, that qualifies.  Doesn't sound cool, but there it is. There are essentials and there are conveniences to think of when preparing for your day.


Some essentials might be the aforementioned keys and wallet and/or purse, but could include medication, key cards for work, medical ID card and your glasses.  And of course a phone.


When we think of EDC though, we think beyond that to items that will simply make our day easier should something normal, yet not entirely expected come up.  Things to consider that many of us carry and may make your day a little better are a key chain USB thumb drive (KeySmart, Nomad), pocket knife (think opening mail, shipping boxes, sharpening pencils), multi-tool (pliers, bottle opener, screwdriver, etc. from SOG, Leatherman, Gerber) and a flashlight (Pelican, Fenix). A light can be a great safety tool to warn off or even temporarily blind an attacker.  But more times than not you're using it to look into dark areas at work like a warehouse or using it at night to find your door keyholes on your car or house.  And let's not trip over things we'd easily pick out during the day shall we? 


Beyond that you get into specialized equipment for very specific jobs or circumstances.  A pocket size notebook and pen are often great to have around.  And many tactical pens can be used to break glass should an emergency arise and can double as a kubaton.  Other self defense items can be extremely valuable as well and are easier than ever to use and carry including stun guns, firearms and pepper spray.


Lastly, and we know this is getting out there, but you may even want a compass if you travel off the beaten path and your phone loses service (ParaSpark), first aid kit and portable food options like Power Bars if your destination takes you away from those things.  


Wow, that's a lot, where do I carry all that stuff?  A purse, geek pouch (you may know it as a fanny pack), hip or shoulder bag (Ukoala is one of our favorites), wallets made for more than money (Trayvax, Dango, Ridge) and/or your belt (belt loop or pocket organizer like Hitch & Timber) or tactical jacket (5.11 Tactical).  You'll need to experiment based on your needs what to carry and how.  Accessibility is a top consideration and be patient, you'll practice different forms of carrying things until you find that sweet spot.  


Sometimes it can feel a bit awkward, but it can be invaluable to your preparedness and confidence so press on and don't worry if it doesn't feel quite right at the start, it can take weeks to months to develop a real comfort.  This is gear for life, be ready and live it to its fullest!

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