What Size Military Sword Should I Carry and Why?


What Size Military Sword Should I Carry and Why?

For those intending to perform manual of arms (draw sword, present arms, parade rest, etc.) sizing is very important. A blade that is too long or too short is non-uniform and won't look proportional to the person. Plus one that is too long also risks the tip interfering with head wear or injuring those around you.

The correct length is one that will place the tip of the blade at approximately eye height or top of the ear when an individual has the sword at the "Carry Sword" position.

Display Only?

If you have no intention of performing the above but simply desire a beautiful display piece, blade length is not as important.  Our 30" blade length has proven the most common choice, but any look terrific.

How Do I Find My Size?
The best way is to hold a similar sword or saber in the "Carry Sword" position to see how the length fits you and size up or down accordingly if needed.

If a sword or saber is not available, you can still get reasonably close. Stand at a position of attention with your arm extended down at your side and your fingers pointed down. Take a measurement from your eye/ear top to the thumb/index finger "U" area of your hand.

Take that measurement and subtract 2" for Army NCO, USMC Officer, Air Force, West Point, Army Academy, and subtract 3" for all other models. If you are within 1" of a sword size, round up.

There you go, you now look the part.

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