4 Best Fixed Blade Knives

If you’re a regular outdoorsy type who loves trekking, chances are you’d be happy to be introduced to a fixed blade knife. Fixed blades or straight knives are an extremely strong and secure tools. This makes them perfect for hunting, fishing and camping. A moderate adrenal junkie’s best companion. Contrary to what many people think, a good survival knife acts more like a tool than a weapon and offers many uses. Especially, if you get lost in the woods after being separated from your team and it has started getting dark. In survival situations, a good fixed-blade knife is the most important tool in your kit. It can help build shelters, cut rope, split wood and skin game. You’re not really thinking of using your hands, are you?

When it comes to choosing a great fixed blade we certainly have some suggestions. For those looking for a good, all-round knife for everyday use with enough style and oomph, the Damascus cowboy knife is one great choice. The knife is made with 512 layer Damascus and a heavy leather sheath that holds the knife firmly in place while riding or running and yet allows a fast draw.

The Frontier Stag Hunting Knife with decorative file work along the spine and brass finger guard belongs to the league of some of the most handsome and functional knifes around. A stunner in any collection.

For those who just want a knife that can take any rough use and banging around – chopping, throwing, prying – the Down home Hunteris the best fit. Easy on money, the knife is grounded from a high carbon file and lends itself to easy resharpening. Its leather frontier style, fold-over scabbard that swallows most of the knife, makes it very difficult to lose.

By contrast, the Cold Steel Canadian Belt Knife is an elitist, award winning, international favourite. Made out of German 4116 Stainless Steel and hollow ground to a razor’s edge, it glides through just about any material because of its elliptical profile. It cuts an elegant shape and is light, slim and compact enough to be carried on your belt or be slung around your neck from a cord.

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7/30/2018 5:58 AM
In early July, I placed an order for a Gil Hibben Sidewinder fixed blade.  Total price with shipping was  $39.90 ref. check #2235. This check has cleared through the bank  yet I have not received the knife or any status on its delivery. Please advise.
Norman McMichael
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Cocoa, Fla 32927