Gifts for Military Enthusiasts in Your Life

Are you seeking a classy and appropriate Christmas gift for a family member or friend who is a military officer or loves military history? Here’s our list of Christmas and holiday season gifts for military enthusiasts. Take a look.

Union Army Officer's Shoulder Boards/Straps

Let’s begin with the American Civil War. These excellent shoulder boards are standard size with 1/4" wide embroidery. They are available for all Union officer ranks with appropriate branch of service background color. Dimensions are approximately 4" x 1-3/8".

Officer's Silk Sash

Our silk sashes are knitted with silk thread and exhibit a tassel at each end. They are wrapped around the waist twice and tied on the left side in the front. The sashes, which are available in several colors, measure 9’ long and about 5" wide.

Navy Officer Ceremonial Sword Belt

This one’s a classy item from Windlass Steelcrafts®.  The belt is crafted of black leather and exhibits a gold-plated buckle. It can be used with the Navy Officer Sword. The ceremonial belt measures 1-3⁄4" wide and is available in different sizes.

White Leather Gloves

These are some excellent military regulation dress gloves made of genuine leather.  They are perfect for dress uniforms, color guards and much more.

Sword Knot, Officer’s Gold

Here’s something to add a bit of style to a shining saber. This excellent gold sword knot is crafted to military specifications.

Solid Copper US Soup Mug

This copper mug is another from Windlass Steelcrafts’ line of high-quality products. They are crafted in solid copper with a one-piece, heavy-duty body. The mugs are tough and perfect for camping trips and also favored by re-enactors. They are 4" tall, 4" in diameter and have a capacity of 24 oz.

German Bundeswehr Melamine Soup Cups (Set of 2)

These soup cups are military, unissued surplus from 1960s Germany. They are made from melamine, are light but rugged and perfect for the outdoors. The cups are 3-1/8" tall overall with a diameter of 4-1/2". You’ll find BUNDESWEHR stamped on the bottom.

German Military Surplus Snow Parka

This snow parka is a genuine issue, current surplus from the Bundeswehr. The material resembles fine cotton denim. The parka is a rare find and ideal for winter travel, camping and outdoors.

German Bundeswehr Sun & Dust Goggles

These goggles were issued to the German army in the 1980s and 1990s. The foldable sunglasses are light and compact, feature an adjustable elastic band and come with a plastic case. They are ideal for camping and outdoors.

Artillery Luger Holster with Buttstock

This is another top offering from Windlass Steelcrafts. The holster, which was widely used by the Germans in the World Wars to hold the classic Luger pistol, is crafted expertly of top-grain leather and exhibits a semi-gloss black finish. The product comes with a shoulder strap, dual mag pouch and cleaning rod. And yes, you also get a 14-1⁄4" “paddle” style satin finished wood stock.

If you’d like to see more of our holiday season and Christmas gift ideas for military enthusiasts check out our website!

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