Gifts for Officers

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Dutch Military Surplus Work Overalls

These Cold War surplus work overalls are of 100% cotton with a button front. Issued but in very good condition.

Flechette Darts 1 lb pk - US Military Surplus

This is genuine surplus steel flechette is approx 1" long. 1 lb Pack has approximately 800 darts. Sometimes used in shotgun shell reloads.

Gurkha Officer's Patch Knife

This hand forged antique has a genuine horn handle and dates from the 1800s. They are generally 7-3/4" long with 3-1/4" blades and solid brass furniture. Generally good condition.

Navy Officer’s Brass Buckle

Military Surplus, this new Navy Officer’s Buckle is made of brass.
$19.95 $6.95

Victorian Era Nepalese Officer’s Kukri

These Victorian Era kukri's were made by hand for the British Gurkha Regiments as their standard issue sidearm for Officer's.

WWI Issue Vintage Kukri with Old Scabbard

This is a later and slightly smaller version of the traditional kukris.

Model 1860 Union Cavalry Officer's Saber

This saber features hand forged blade with wire wrapped, leather handle. The 3-branch brass guard and pommel are hand-chased and engraved. Comes with steel scabbard. Overall 39 inches.

Top Customer Reviews

Review of: Flechette Darts 1 lb pk - US Military Surplus

I have no idea what I will do with these. None of mine came rusted. The vast majority are collated in opposite directions in a two-threaded coil. I think I'll try to see what weapon they might have been used in.  Another reviewer said they might be good as blowgun darts. I'm thinking I might try that.
Reviewed by: , October 30, 2019

Review of: Gurkha Officer's Patch Knife

Great piece of history
Reviewed by: jacob, February 07, 2019

Review of: Gurkha Officer's Patch Knife

The knives are as described and part of the history of the palace armory at a fair price.
Reviewed by: Joe, December 02, 2018

Review of: Gurkha Officer's Patch Knife

Not even playing, I bought 2, and they are absolutely beautiful.  You can't go wrong, these things are worth every penny.
Reviewed by: jonathan , July 24, 2017

Review of: Gurkha Officer's Patch Knife

It  is better than I though it would be.    Holds a  good edge.. I still would like to know if it is wootz steel.
Reviewed by: , June 30, 2017

Review of: Gurkha Officer's Patch Knife

My experience is much like Dan's. Atlanta cutlery is a great outlet for antiques and odd items. They are also usually the cheapest and pack well. These knives and such when gone they are gone forever so buy what you can.
Reviewed by: David, September 25, 2015

Review of: Gurkha Officer's Patch Knife

I'd ordered two of these back in June of last year, they'd been on backorder since. It was well worth the wait, these are in perfect condition! I have an original Bhojpure kukri and scabbard, and these are going to be as close to the original karda and chakmak as I'm going to get. Very pleased with them!
Reviewed by: Donald, February 24, 2015

Review of: Gurkha Officer's Patch Knife

Very nice antique patch knife.  It came covered with a cosmoline type preservative and it was placed inside a small plastic bag.  Put it in mineral spirits for about 1/2 hour to take the cosmoline coating off the knife.  Took some steel wool to the brass bolster and end cap and wow!!  They both shined up like new.  The blade was a little more difficult to get to shine up.  It arrived very "grey" looking, but after some work with a wire brush and steel wool, it also shined up.  I sharpened the blade (the point was dull, so I took a fine file to touch it up) and this now looks like a brand new item!! Also, as a side note - I like the balance of this small knife (it balances about 1/4inch behind the bolster). I can put this antique knife on display, or I may actually use it as a letter opener sitting on my desk!!  Once again, I have to say it - thank you Atlanta Cutlery you do not disappoint!!  
Reviewed by: Dan, June 25, 2013

Review of: Gurkha Officer's Patch Knife

I bought this along with the stag handle patch knife. they were both in great shape with near perfect blades.
Reviewed by: Rudolph, April 29, 2013

Review of: Gurkha Officer's Patch Knife

Ordered one when they went on sale over the July 4th weekend. Arrived totally greased up, but on cleaning it's in like-new condition. Can't believe these are over 100 yrs old! Not sharpened, but think I'll leave it as is. Maybe order another if they go on sale again.
Reviewed by: Franklin, July 13, 2011