National Knife Day – August 24

National Knife Day – August 24

16th Aug 2018

National Knife Day is celebrated on Aug 24 every year. Did you know about this?  It’s no surprise though. We live in a time where it seems every day is dedicated to something and there are not enough days in a calendar year to accommodate them all. Still, it makes sense to have one for knives – arguably the most important tool in our history.

The knife – shaping the world and our lives

It is no stretch to say that the knife is humankind’s first tool. It has undergone several changes since prehistoric days. Early man made them of rock, flint, bone and obsidian. As technology grew, blades were made of bronze, copper, iron, steel, ceramics and titanium. Over several thousands of years, knives have been used as tools, weapons, utensils and much more. It is an important element for the hunter, the chef, the doctor and the cook. Knives save lives, help in rescue operations, and skin the fish and meat we eat, among other things. They have survived the centuries and served us wonderfully through them. So, let us not view August 24 as a random day but rather celebrate a tool that is an integral part of our lives. 

How to celebrate the day

There are no standard ways to celebrate National Knife Day. You can pay tribute to the tool howsoever you wish. For instance, try cutting food in a more efficient manner. Or, browse the web and learn about the knives you use. You can also clean or sharpen the knives you possess. How about simply holding your knife up and admiring a tool that mankind has used for several million years and will continue to use for many more?

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