Neck Knives – Pros and Cons

Neck Knives – Pros and Cons

12th Mar 2018

Neck knives that we see today first appeared in the 1980s and their popularity has gathered pace this century. So, why are they fashionable? Is it because they can be hidden easily? Or, perhaps, they are a style statement? Regardless, neck knives are well received even if, like all things, they are not without flaws. The following are some pros and cons of this blade. 


Neck Knives


Neck knives are easy to conceal and carry. There are no belt attachments and you can wear them under dark-colored shirts and T-shirts and no one will notice. Also, unlike knives that you carry in pockets or the waistline, neck knives are easy to reach while you are strapped to your car seat. A neck knife is also handy as an extra blade when outdoors and can be worn while swimming (who knows what the waters may hold!). Further, if you adhere to the view that fixed blades are more durable than folders then a neck knife is a good option. Now that we’ve discussed their advantages, let’s look at their limitations. 


Neck knives may be easy to conceal but they are not the most accessible. Imagine being under sudden attack and you have to unbutton or reach under your shirt to get to the knife. Of course, you can wear them outside the shirt but that would mean the knife bouncing around, especially when you are on the move, which can be irksome. Moreover, neck knives can be uncomfortable if you are not used to wearing something around your neck. Besides, that they are easy to hide makes them illegal in some states. 

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