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Safe Maker I Push Dagger



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Discontinued by manufacturer - no longer available!
Designed by Lynn C. Thompson, the Safe Make™ push knifes are, without doubt, the finest commercially made push knives in the world. The blade, shaft, and 'T' shaped tang are all drop forged from one piece of stainless steel. This process, though costly, eliminates any unwanted sharp edges or surfaces that would irritate the hand or fingers when the knife is clasped in a closed fist, and it produces a better knife, since the subsequent vacuum heat treatment and sub zero quench, renders the blades virtually unbreakable.

Well made blades deserve equally well-made grips. Made of shock absorbing Kraton® they totally encapsulate the tang and part of the shaft so they can be comfortably and securely grasped in the fist with the blade jutting out between the fingers and used to deliver absolutely devastating punching and slashing blows.

The Safe Maker knives are available in two sizes; each includes an easily concealable and sturdy Secure-Ex® boot/belt sheath. Cannot be shipped to CA, MA or NY.
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    Attribute nameAttribute value
    Overall Length6-3/8"
    Blade Length4-1/2"
    Blade Thickness5 mm
    Weight3.7 oz
    MaterialVG-1 Stainless
    ScabbardSecure-Ex® Sheath


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    Write a Review
    Fantastic edge and durability.
    - Mark, June 06, 2016
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    This has got to be THE best push dagger I've ever seen. I wondered at first why it costs so much more than the other push blades on here but this is definitely a situation where you pay for what you get. Purely a superior blade. It fits snugly in my hand and is very comfortable, even when punching. Good, solid, strong knife.
    - John, April 26, 2011
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