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Shuki IV S.R.T. Rescue Tool


In one design, this tool encompasses survival, self-defense, rescue, and multi-tool functions and has many unique dual features such as the ability to break glass two different ways. Choose satin silver (ON CLOSEOUT) or black.



The Shuki IV S.R.T. is the latest addition to the Shuki line of high quality patented specialty equipment. This efficiently sized tool is a unique, ergonomically engineered implement different than anything else on the market. In one design, it simultaneously encompasses survival, self-defense, rescue, and multi-tool functions and has many unique dual features (such as the ability to break glass two different ways).

The Shuki IV S.R.T. is designed to fit securely in your hand and perform a wide variety of diverse and complex tasks with excellent leverage. You can take this compact tool with you anywhere because it can be hooked on your belt, placed on your keychain or secured in many ways and it looks somewhat like a fancy bottle cap opener. However, this distinctly engineered tool helps you do whatever particular task might be necessary in a moment of crisis or need.

The special features and ergonomic design allow for simultaneous functioning in multiple capacities: as a means of survival, in a self-defense situation, as a rescue facilitator and as a multi-tool for various basic tasks. The fundamental survival and self-defense design features are inherent in the design and allow for an incredibly effective variety of dominant self-defense actions and methods. Specific threat management techniques such as striking, joint manipulation and pressure point application are built into this tool and can be effectively used by laymen and professionals alike.

Every component allows for different bio-mechanical hooks, traps, pressure points, grips, blocks, and strikes. The user who keeps this tool readily available can select whichever grip, feature and action is most appropriate and effective to mitigate and/or contain a threat. In addition, the essential rescue utilities embedded in the design allow for key lifesaving actions using exclusive mechanisms also facilitated by the synergetic design. Some examples are the dual glass breaking features (either via the kinetic spin application of the double prong or the direct force breaking using the single prong), the secure single hand seat belt cutting, the ability to use as a securable windlass for a tourniquet and the rescue hooking/pulling capabilities.

Finally, the multi-tool components allow for quick access to a variety of well-placed traditional tool options with design consideration for proper leverage and control, from opening a bottle cap to tightening a bolt. It’s great for quickly and easily accomplish everyday tasks. In summary, you’ll want to take your new S.R.T. Shuki IV tool with you everywhere, so you can save the day, either by quickly completing a home project or by adeptly handling a more dire circumstance. Solid stainless steel. Choose satin silver (ON CLOSEOUT)or black.


  • Hammer Strike Glass Breaker
  • Oxygen Valve Opener
  • Wire Stripper
  • Gradual Hex Driver
  • 1/4" Nut Wrench
  • Self Defense (pressure point control)
  • Bottle Opener
  • Seat Belt Cutter
  • Ruler
  • Gripper
  • Box Cutter
  • Kinetic Spin Glass Breaker
  • Nail Puller
  • Flat Head Screwdriver


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