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Wildsteer Custom Field Knife



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An extremely sturdy, all-round blade for hunting, slashing your way through brush, disjoint game and help survive the toughest conditions.  Perfectly balanced for each of its three cutting edges which suits precision cutting, slicing and chopping.  This unique knife is custom made in France from traditional and new technologies. 

Features tanto point for notching and prying, lead razor edge section for fine work and main edge for cutting branches and other heavy chores.  Made from one piece of stamped stainless steel alloy and very strong, the tang is a full 1/2" thick.  Traditional forged, computer tempered and designed it insures technical coherence from tip to hammer butt.  Includes oiled leather sheath that allows you to attach the knife without removing your belt and pouch to hold the trusted Swedish Firesteel fire starter.  Harness grade leather grip looks and feels better the more you use it.  A versatile knife that will delight the most demanding.  Very few are made each year. 
  • Overall: 10-1/4"
  • Blade: 4-5/8"


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